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Many people come to the point where they are forced to change the spark plugs on their vehicle and face a difficult decision; copper spark plugs or those of another type? You can find spark plugs in a variety of different metal combinations, including aluminum spark plugs, iridium plugs, platinum and more. Copper core spark plugs are still the most commonly seen, however, and many people agree that they are the best. However, the advertising that accompanies the different types of spark plugs is potentially misleading, so it’s important to recognize the real difference between the spark plugs in question. In order to do that, it’s necessary to first learn about what the metal in the spark plug is used for.

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One thought on “Are Fancy Iridium or Platinum plugs worth the money?

  1. Joe

    Bottom line for me is, I’m switching to inexpensive NGK V-Power Copper Plugs. I like to change them every 20K anyway, because I have noticed a big difference even with Iridium plugs when I change them often. This may be related to the fact that my 1999 Mustang Cobra has always burned a little oil and seems to degrade the plugs quickly. The cost difference is 8 NGK V-Power plugs cost me $12.72 on + shipping. 8 NGK Iridium IX cost me $51.44. No brainer for me.

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