the sound of speed

Getting ready for Autocross, I upgraded my Brake Rotors and Pads, my Shocks & Struts, Tires and added Caster/Camber Plates. I have to say it out handles my butt now! Drives like a new Cobra and I can’t stay in my stock seat in the turns with it’s lack of support.

Power Stop 1-Click Street Warrior Z26 Brake Kits K1305-26

Got these at Summit Racing. They have everything and they were the best price here. I am impressed with the quality of these rotors and pads. You can spend a lot more on some of the other brands. I’ve only had them on my 99 Mustang Cobra for a few hundred miles, I understand from a mechanic that stopping will improve after 1000 miles. Make sure you follow the break in procedure, just to be safe. Just Google Power Stop Break in to find the procedure. I shopped many of the online sites and SRs price is as good as any since shipping is free. No major savings buying them in a kit though. Would have been nice to save a few bucks that way. If you don’t want to break the bank to upgrade your rotors and pads, this is the best Offer I’ve come across. I Highly Recommend them!


Got these at Late Model Restoration, best price and excellent service. This was my Christmas present for my 99 Mustang Cobra Convertible. I finally had the time to install them myself. Not that hard, other than getting the bolts off the Front Struts at the wheel. I need to borrow an electric impact wrench and use plenty of WD-40. My car handles so well now it out handles my seat. I can’t stay planted in my stock seat in the turns. Time for a race seat!


Also found these at Late Model Restoration, best price and excellent service. I recommend the Maximum Motorsports version of these. They were really well built and not over priced. I installed these caster/camber plates when I installed upgraded struts. Amazingly well constructed! Pretty easy to install too.The range of adjustment is excellent. My 99 Mustang Cobra has been wearing the outside of my front tires more than I thought was normal. Now I can easily adjust the camber. However, I do recommend a professional alignment after installation, as suggested in the very detailed installation instructions.

Continental ControlContact Sport AS

I’ve gone through a bunch of different tires because they seem to wear so fast on my 99 Mustang Cobra. So far, I think these are the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried a few, Nitto, Kuhmo and BF Goodrich. I think they are a good compromise between traction (softness) and wear. They were a decent price, had great reviews and a 50K mile warranty. Which is key for me because no matter what I need to replace my tires before the warranty runs out and I get credit for the miles left on the warranty. I buy my tires at Discount Tire. Can’t beat there prices and the ease of service. Not too happy with the kids they have doing the job sometimes. Balancing is always an issue and they break lug nuts and a couple times the whole stud. They give you a certificate to go to BrakesPlus to have a new stud inserted in your wheel hub for free, but it is still a hassle.

So that’s it and I’m ready for the Autocross now. Wish I had a race seat, but have to wait until the budget allows.